Yamaha Piano Experts, Petrof Main Dealers, Grand Piano Centre and home of Venables & Son upright and baby grand pianos.

Piano House

Piano House

We’re proudly a genuine family business, technician owned and run since 1981. With a focus on new acoustic pianos, we are official Main Dealers for Yamaha Piano (acoustic upright and grand pianos), luxury European piano maker – Petrof, plus our bespoke specification piano series “Venables & Son”. Our pre-owned instruments often include Yamaha, Kemble, Petrof, Steinway and Bosendorfer Pianos.

Housing a specialist range of performance upright, baby grand and standard grand pianos, perfectly-prepared at our Hampshire piano showrooms, Venables Pianos exceed the requirements of the pianist at every level. We are a highly experienced operation with outstanding technical skills and unparalleled experience in acoustic piano sales to educational, professional, domestic and commercial piano markets, locally, nationwide and for export.

We’re honest, transparent and helpful

Unlike most other piano dealer websites, you will notice our honest and transparent approach to advice, and our showroom stock. Many websites appear to be manufacturer brochure content, with little insight to what the piano shop typically has on the floor for you to try or buy. The reality is, most dealers hold far less new Yamaha pianos for sale than the website implies. We hope that you find our content helpful and informative, and we promise that this will be extended further as you speak with us and ultimately visit us.

Our most popular pianos, regularly on display are:

New Yamaha Pianos

We are Yamaha Piano’s most experienced independent piano specialist in the UK holding multiple Yamaha Piano Top Dealer Awards and ranked as Yamaha’s Top Piano Dealer. We know Yamaha pianos better than other Yamaha piano shops. You can be sure to receive accurate Yamaha piano advice and information, the highest standard of Yamaha piano preparation and through our established after-care technician network, local service to your Yamaha piano – where ever you are in mainland UK.

Yamaha Pianos typically carried at our showrooms include: Yamaha Upright Pianos – Yamaha B series: B1, B2E and B3E; Yamaha P Series: P121; Yamaha Professional U Series: U1Q and U3SQ; plus the Yamaha Custom YUS Series: YUS5. Yamaha Grand Pianos – Yamaha G Baby Grand Series: GB1K and GC1; Yamaha CX Conservatoire Series: C2X, Yamaha C3X and Yamaha C6X. Additionally, our Yamaha Pianos for sale include Yamaha Silent Pianos and Yamaha Disklavier Enspire Pianos (self play pianos) where we have great experience in these increasingly popular hybrid piano systems and always stock an example of each, often comprising a B2ESG2 SG2 silent series upright piano, P121SH SH silent series upright piano and DGB1KEN Enspire-ST Disklavier baby grand piano.

New Petrof Pianos

We became a main UK dealership for Petrof Pianos in 2013, following our encounter with the ‘new generation grands’ at the Frankfurt Music Fair. The build quality, standard of finish and, most importantly, performance standard of the current Petrof instruments was so impressing, we just had to include the luxury European piano brand Petrof in our piano house. Petrof Pianos exude a mellow bass, dark tenor and long-sustaining clear treble, regarded as the ‘Romantic’ tone.

Petrof Pianos typically carried at our showrooms include: Petrof upright pianos – P118-M1, P125-M1 and Petrof P131-M1; and Petrof Grand Pianos – Breeze P173 and Storm P194.

New Venables & Son Pianos

Venables & Son is our own bespoke specification piano series, where we combine efficient production cost with highly-upgraded components and final setting up by us personally. The result is a unique range of pianos with a warm and lyrical tone quality, responsive touch and sensible price. A substantially superior option to a similarly priced, second hand, mid tier piano, and often preferred to many popular new pianos commanding a much higher price.

Venables & Son Pianos typically carried at our showrooms include: Venables Upright Pianos – Studio-120, Studio-125 and Custom-133. Venables & Son Grand Pianos – Studio-152, Academy-168, Academy-180, plus the Custom-200 chamber grand piano.

Second Hand Pianos

We are very particular when dealing in second hand pianos. We’d prefer to say we are out of stock than compromise on our standards. Used pianos for sale with us undergo a comprehensive quality and condition check, thorough servicing and are prepared to the same high standard as our new pianos.

Second Hand Yamaha Pianos for sale regularly include second-hand Yamaha U1 and used Yamaha U3 upright pianos, often as reconditioned Yamaha pianos. We are often fortunate to offer second-hand Yamaha pianos originally sold new by us now taken in part exchange. Frequently, we may see second-hand Yamaha C2, Yamaha C3 or larger Yamaha C6 grand pianos in excellent condition and of young age.

Elite Level Piano Preparation

We take great pride in the preparation of our pianos. Even for a beginning pianist, this has benefits. Achieving the most balanced tone and touch of a piano makes it better, more responsive and ultimately more inspiring to play. The result is better value for money too, as our already highly competitive prices can be enjoyed whilst receiving the best service and a better prepared example of the same piano! For the discerning, this service has even greater value as we shape to the tone and touch characteristics to suit the pianist’s taste, requirements and the acoustic space where the piano will reside.